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Best eSIMs for Albania

December 13, 20232 min read

Best eSIMs for Albania

If you have thought about planning a trip to Albania don’t worry, you are not the only one.

Albania has blossomed as a tourist destination in the recent years, mainly due to the large improvement in access and infrastructure of the country.

Albania is a stunning and rich of culture destination that can offer you a truly amazing experience if you are looking for your next adventure.

As a tourist though, you must make sure to always have connectivity in hand, so that you can navigate around, make local calls and more.

In this short guide, we are going to give an overview of the best eSIM options if you are travelling to Albania and how to access them.

Rush summary? A quick introduction!

You can get an eSIM for Albania for as low as 2.9 Euros (3.5$) / 1 GB and up to 89$ or more from Airalo, HolaFly & others.

Below we are going to show you the most prevalent options and the cheapest options as well.

  1. HolaFly

    HolaFly features connectivity starting from 29 Euros for 5 days, going up to 79 Euros for 30 days (scaling on the more expensive side.

  2. AirAlo
    Featuring hej Telecom, offers a better pricing starting at $4.5 for 1GB up to $26 for 10GB

  3. AloSIM
    AloSIM, also offers fairly good priced options at about $4.5 / 1GB and up to$26 for 10GB/

Best and cheapest option:

Since all the eSIM providers, will work with the same network in Albania, which is in this case Vodafone, it is advised in this case to choose an unthrottled and cheap offering.


Is the best and cheapest offering, with highly rated support, featuring a local touch.

As it is run by a local company, it will be able to offer you the best pricing, as well it is interesting that they usually throw in some local bonuses for each purchase, which are especially relevant for Tourists coming into Albania.

eSIMs from start as low as $3.5 / 1 GB and up to 25Gigs+ with local calls and other perks for as los as 1$ / GB.

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